Note on Writing

Writing is a talent that requires a lot of practice; however do not let that discourage you. Every word you write, whether it is your math homework or a text it all helps become a better writer. If you wish to be a writer you should constantly write, write an essay, write a story, a poem anything. Write something every day.  You may not be an expert at first, but you will become one.  It may take multiple years, but everyone, I believe, has a writer inside of them. It is just a matter of unlocking it.

Now of course some will be better than others for instance few could match up to William Shakespeare, but anyone could forge a story or poem, if they put their mind to it. It is all a matter of time, experience and effort. I am not yet a published author myself, however I have been writing for almost three years and I have amassed a decent amount of skill. I almost have enough stories for a decent length short story manuscript. I have heard that is a good way to get your name out there.

And I have to throw this in here, if you start writing a story keep writing it or you will lose it entirely. I do not know how many stories I’ve started writing and put down to come back to them later. And when I do come back to them late I am completely stumped. Just don’t do it.


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